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Getting started with the map component
Authenticating with the map component
Initiating the map component
Displaying parcel points with the map component
Updating the map component configuration
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Updating the map component configuration

If two contexts are present on the same page (for example, sender and recipient) and loading two maps is not possible (map in a modal for example), it may be necessary to switch from one to the other.

This needs to be done in 3 steps:

  • Update the configuration.
  • Restart a search for a parcel point.
  • Force the selection of a previously chosen relay point if a choice has already been made by the user previously.

To modify the component configuration:

        locale: 'fr', // language used in UI, optional, possible values include fr or en
        parcelPointNetworks: [ // the list of networks to display
                code: 'CHRP_NETWORK', // network code, here the code for Chronopost
                markerTemplate: {
                    color: '#94a1e8' // it is possible to override the color of the marker for each network
        options: {
            primaryColor: '#00FA9A', // color of buttons (and markers if not overriden)
            autoSelectNearestParcelPoint: false // the closest relay will be selected by default as soon as the search is carried out

To force the choice of a previously chosen relay point: